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Where to Find Reliable Car Rental Recommendations

In the land where information can be obtained with one press of a thumb against a screen, the trouble is how reliable the information you actually get is. While the internet is highly useful, we don’t exactly know who puts out the ads and data that we read.

There have been so many people that have been scammed out of their hard earned money simply because they followed the wrong lead online. That said, where exactly do you find reliable car rental recommendations? As someone who has travelled a bit and make use of car rentals for different occasions, I’ve gotten a pretty good process built on where to search for recommendations. Let me share it with you:

Personal Recommendations

It is highly unlikely that you will not have anyone in your network that has not dealt with car rental companies. All you have to do is ask and people will be more than eager to share their opinions. With the advent of social media, this is easier to do than ever.

All you have to do is make a post on your Facebook page about car rental recommendations and you will have at least one or two. Ask them about why they recommended it and you’ll get some pretty frank answers. There is nothing that beats the voice of experience. People will not recommend something that they didn’t like themselves.

What is best about personal recommendations is that you are getting information from people that know you and care about you personally. They are less likely to recommend a substandard business for your patronage.

Forums You Trust

In today’s world it can be very easy to fabricate stories and information. In light of that, it would be wise to go to a website or a forum that you trust and have really active members that double check the information. Reddit is one such forum. They pride themselves with being able to vote up or vote down information that is true or false.

One good thing about the age of the internet is that it has made it a lot easier for people to talk about their findings and their experiences. So if there was anyone that tried to pass off false information on Reddit, they would get called out pretty fast.

Reliable Blogs

There are a lot of travel and transportation blogs out there that you can use to obtain information. Duvigneaud is one such blog. You can make use of the information brought to you by the careful research of bloggers.

You can even go to YouTube to obtain recommendations. People are very vocal about their experiences. Since everyone carries a smartphone nowadays, it is so much easier to record and share positive and negative experiences.

Food For Thought

When you are looking for a rental car recommendation, do not forget to build your opinions about the companies sent your way. Always remember that personal standards are very different. As you go through the recommendations, don’t forget to build your own ideas on what serves to be an acceptable rental company.

Travelling Soon? Here’s How Car Rentals Can Help Enhance It

We live in a pretty beautiful rock in space. The Earth has corners that will blow your mind if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. One of my favorite activities is to travel. There are times I’ve done it for work and the others I’ve done simply because I was craving an adventure. Whatever the reasons were, I got to get to know the world I lived in a little better each time I travelled.

Travelling was also a rather amazing way to meet people that I otherwise would not come across in my lifetime—if I had just stayed where I was. What I also discovered in my travels is that a car rental can really enhance the trip overall. Hear me out!

Car Rentals Make Sure You Always Have Transportation

This is really helpful if you are going to a place where the traffic rules might be different and you are not familiar with the routes. Taking out a rental car can ensure that you do not have to worry about reading maps or being wary of taxi drivers that try to charge you three times their normal fare.

When you have places to go and things to see, it is always important to have a conveyance that can get you from your hotel to where you need to go.

Car Rentals Keep You Safe

The drivers that work for car rental companies that cater to a lot of foreigners have extra incentive to secure the satisfaction and safety of their clients. Foreigners are more inclined to believe the recommendation of other foreigners. So if you are satisfied and clearly okay by the end of your rental, there is more changes of you recommending them for other clients.

When you are in a wholly alien location, having someone who is dedicated in making sure that you stay safe is an extra layer of comfort that is not bad to have.

Car Rentals Have Set Itineraries

There are rental companies that have set itineraries for those who do not know where to go when visiting a new location. This is highly useful for anyone who can be easily overwhelmed by choices and building plans.

Car rentals often partner with travel agencies to build plans for tourists that would like to go to all the must-see places of an area. As they often hire locals to be their drivers, these people have an intrinsic understanding of where to pass or which places to see first to maximize the trip.

Food For Thought

Travelling, while highly enjoyable, can be super stressful. So when you can, you should try to make use of services that can help to lessen the stress for you and your companions. Personally speaking, car rental companies have helped me unlock experiences that I otherwise would not have been able to go through if I had decided to just rely on public transportation.

So really, you should do yourself a favor and make use of car rental companies you can trust the next time you have to travel.

Three Common Car Rental Mistakes That Bleed Your Wallet Dry

If you are not careful, car rentals can cost you quite a bit. Just like any service that you contract, they need to make money. This does not mean, however, that they are out to get as much of your money as possible. It just so happens that a lot of consumers constantly make mistakes that could be easily avoided.

These mistakes are usually the cause of bloated final bills that catch consumers by surprise. To help you guys from making these mistakes, let’s discuss them today! Pay close attention to each item as these are some that I have personally encountered.

1: Going With an Airport Rental

Always remember this: everything is more expensive at an airport. They use their location to keep competition out and since you do not have any other choice, they get to raise their prices by about 800%. It’s ridiculous but it is completely legal.

This mistake once cost me around 40% of my travel budget. It was completely ludicrous. So before you need to travel, talk to your accommodation provider, or better yet, get your car from an outside service like Usually, they will have shuttle services so that you do not need to rent a vehicle from the airport.

2: Not Being Clear with Add-ons

Some newer cars come with some fancy stuff that you may not know will cost you a pretty penny even if you do not use it. One such feature is the GPS option. You would be lucky if the company you rented from charged only $10 a day for GPS services.

Depending on where you are, the rental car will have the choice of automatic or manual. If the majority of their fleets are manual, they may charge you extra for an automatic vehicle. This is why it is important to be on the same page with the rental company when you are looking at their cars. If there are any features that you do not need, make sure that they do not charge you for it.

Otherwise, be prepared to have a surprise waiting for you when you get the final fee.

3: Late Returns

There are rental companies that usually give a grace period for the return of their vehicles. There are those that start charging you for every minute that you go past the stated return time in your contract. This is why it is very important that you be clear on what their late charges are.

You should never assume that it will be fine even if you are “a few minutes late”. It is important that you let them know if you are going to be late and why. That way, they can make allowances for you. Read more about this at Apex Luxury Car Hire’s official website.

Food For Thought

Rentals can provide you with a really big service. The problem starts if you are not careful with what you sign up for. Think of it as a pretty special faucet. You leave the faucet running for around three days—of course your water bill is going to be larger than what you would like it to be.

More than Just Freedom: Perks of Renting Out a Car

A car can be the gateway to some experiences that others can only dream about. It is a fact of life that not everyone will be able to buy a car, let alone their dream car. So it’s pretty great that we all have different options when it comes from getting from our present location to our destination. However, public transportation or commuting can be a complete hassle.

Our time is not ours. The routes are dictated. Our comfort is not exactly ranked very high in the priority list of those who drive public utility vehicles. So what is a consumer to do? Rent a car, of course! What a lot of consumers do not realize is the fact that car rentals have a ton of perks. If you are not wholly convinced, here are a few that I’ve come across in my experience:

Sheer Convenience

When you rent a vehicle for your own personal use, you get to dictate how long you use it, when you start using it, and what you are going to use it for. When the big day comes, you do not have to worry about factoring in specified time for securing a conveyance.

You can just prepare for your event and be assured that you have a good way to get to your destination and back again.

You Can Choose to Drive…Or Not

Rental vehicles can also come with a chauffer! Depending on the rental company that you talk to they can have well trained drivers that can navigate the streets for you. So if you would rather just sit back and enjoy the ride, you have the option to do so.

Not everyone can do that. You are either stuck driving your own car (unless you have someone you trust with your expensive car) or at the mercy of an overworked taxi or bus driver.

You Can Choose the Car Itself Beforehand

How great would it be if you’re able to select the car you want to take you to your destination? While car hailing apps like Uber or Grab can provide the convenience of conveyance, you don’t get to choose the car that shows up for you.

At a rental car company, you can personally select the car that you want to be used. If you are looking at renting a vehicle for different events, you have the option of changing the car you choose per event. So imagine that. You can show up in a different luxury car for different types of events that you go to. A different car for a different occasion—something that you won’t be able to do if you just had one car to your name.

Food For Thought

Car rental companies are there to provide their clients with the service that they need. They come with a huge array of perks that we haven’t pointed out in this article. if you really want to experience that yourself, you’d best check out a trusty rental company near you and see what perks you can experience!