Write For Duvigneaud

Writing is pretty great, isn’t it? You get to express a lot using a few words and sentences. You afford others an insight into the things that you care about and how you perceive the world around you. You provide your readers with information that they can find to be quite useful. Things that can lead them down the path toward special experiences.

I like writing and I really appreciate those that chose to write for the benefit of themselves and others. That said, I would like to announce that Duvigneaud is looking for writers and contributors. As you may know, I am going to build this site to be a useful resource for those who are looking to obtain more information and tips about rental cars and their usage.

That is a lot of information to disburse and I would highly welcome anyone who would like to add their own information and tips toward the discussion. Here are a few guidelines toward those who I am looking to entertain:

  • Can write original and well-researched content
  • Has flawless execution of the written English Language
  • Has some experience writing about cars, travel, and rentals
  • Can submit articles at a timely manner
  • Can work remotely

You do not really even need to have extensive writing experience. As long as you are able to fully express your ideas in a clear and concise manner that would be great. I must emphasize the need for original content. I have been burned before so I will be using plagiarism detection software for all submissions (even my own)—just so this site can be a resource that people can trust.

If you are ready to be a writer, send me some samples of your work at info@duvigneaud.net.