Where to Find Reliable Car Rental Recommendations

In the land where information can be obtained with one press of a thumb against a screen, the trouble is how reliable the information you actually get is. While the internet is highly useful, we don’t exactly know who puts out the ads and data that we read.

There have been so many people that have been scammed out of their hard earned money simply because they followed the wrong lead online. That said, where exactly do you find reliable car rental recommendations? As someone who has travelled a bit and make use of car rentals for different occasions, I’ve gotten a pretty good process built on where to search for recommendations. Let me share it with you:

Personal Recommendations

It is highly unlikely that you will not have anyone in your network that has not dealt with car rental companies. All you have to do is ask and people will be more than eager to share their opinions. With the advent of social media, this is easier to do than ever.

All you have to do is make a post on your Facebook page about car rental recommendations and you will have at least one or two. Ask them about why they recommended it and you’ll get some pretty frank answers. There is nothing that beats the voice of experience. People will not recommend something that they didn’t like themselves.

What is best about personal recommendations is that you are getting information from people that know you and care about you personally. They are less likely to recommend a substandard business for your patronage.

Forums You Trust

In today’s world it can be very easy to fabricate stories and information. In light of that, it would be wise to go to a website or a forum that you trust and have really active members that double check the information. Reddit is one such forum. They pride themselves with being able to vote up or vote down information that is true or false.

One good thing about the age of the internet is that it has made it a lot easier for people to talk about their findings and their experiences. So if there was anyone that tried to pass off false information on Reddit, they would get called out pretty fast.

Reliable Blogs

There are a lot of travel and transportation blogs out there that you can use to obtain information. Duvigneaud is one such blog. You can make use of the information brought to you by the careful research of bloggers.

You can even go to YouTube to obtain recommendations. People are very vocal about their experiences. Since everyone carries a smartphone nowadays, it is so much easier to record and share positive and negative experiences.

Food For Thought

When you are looking for a rental car recommendation, do not forget to build your opinions about the companies sent your way. Always remember that personal standards are very different. As you go through the recommendations, don’t forget to build your own ideas on what serves to be an acceptable rental company.