For the Love of Cars: 4 Signs a Car Rental Company Cares For Their Fleet

Hey there, everyone! Welcome to the very first post of Duvigneaud! As you may know, this site was made to provide a better understanding of car rental companies and their processes. This is also a car appreciation blog so don’t be surprised if there are some lengthy discussions about car features and whatnot.

Let’s get started!

What is a Car Rental Company?

A car rental company is an entity that provides consumers with a chance to utilize different types of vehicles for personal use. As this a truly lucrative trade, there has been a boom in the car rental industry. This does not mean, however, that all car rental companies are cut from the same cloth. There are those that stand head and shoulders above the rest.

On a personal standpoint, I only patronize a rental business that cares about their fleet of cars. Cars are pretty special automotive wonders. Regardless of its age, make, or even its model, they are made with the buyer or user in mind. Their safety, their comfort, and their enjoyment is always in the mind of the developer. So it is important that they are cared for appropriately.

Here are four signs that the car rental company you are looking at cares for their fleet of cars:

1: The Engine Area Looks Spotless

A car can look all pretty on the outside but could be carrying a terrible secret under its skirt. When you are looking at your rental car options and you are checking out the fleet. Ask to check the engine area of several different cars of the make and model that you are aiming to rent out.

Do not let yourself be limited to a few cars that they want you to see. One of the signs that you are talking to a good rental company is that all their cars are well-maintained.

2: The Tires Are Good

Any car rental company that gets a lot of traction will prioritize the safety of their clients. They do this by making sure that the tires are in good condition. So when you look at car options, check the tires for any signs of wear and tear.

3: They Do Not Have To Warm It Up

Usually, if you are aiming to drive the car yourself, you can ask if you can do a test drive. If they need to warm the engine up before handing the car to you, be warned. This can mean that the engines are not in very good condition and needs to meet certain conditions before performing well.

A well-maintained car will be able to leap to life the moment the car is started. If the rental company you are speaking to needs to do warm ups, you should be looking at a different firm.

4: The Paint Has No Dings

If there are not paint scratches or any sort of damage to the vehicles, you can be assured that the firm takes care of the cars well.

So use the four signs above to spot if you are looking at a rental company that cares about their fleets.