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The internet is a pretty powerful thing. It can actually be used to make or break someone’s reputation—especially someone’s business. This is why it is truly important that it be used responsibly and ethically. A lot of consumers—like me and others—utilize the web to find out recommendations and information about brands and businesses.

Consumers need information that they can trust. The internet can be a pretty sketchy place at times. There are ads that end up being malware or phishing expeditions. What consumers need is a safe space where the ads that they show are from real businesses and real people.

This is what Duvigneaud aims to provide. That said I would like to make the announcement that this site is opening up its space for online advertising. If you are someone who has a business that is in the field of travel, rental cars, or even just cars in general, I think that my readers would be the very people that you would want to come across your advertising.

What Can Online Ads Do For You?

Basing it off my professional experiences, ads are used to cultivate brand awareness and heighten the odds of having your business patronized by people. The old standards used to be print ads, TV ads, and even radio spots. However, techniques have shifted from that.

By using sites like Duvigneaud for your ads, you can increase the reach of your brand. More and more people are making use of their gadgets to obtain more information. If you happen to have more of your ads present online, the better the odds that your business will be chosen by those who just happen to need your type of services.

What Ads Are Welcome Here?

Not all ads are the same. If you are thinking of hosting ads on this site, be advised that these are the ones that I shall prioritize:

Banner Spreads

These kinds of ads are the more common ones that we spot online. Depending on the position on this site that you would like your banner to take, the more it will be seen. Banner spreads are best for those that have flash sales and events.

Full Page Spreads

Additional pages on this site are available for use by businesses, personalities, or events. Full page spreads are best for those that have ongoing promos and events which have a long time frame.

Let me know if you are interested in hosting your ads here and we’ll see what we can do!